So far, SNEAKERscholar has been the work of a lone mysterious footwear collector.  Some have called this shadowy figure "the Satoshi Nakamoto of sneakers".

But now, I need your help.  Have you ever wanted to contribute to a sneaker website, but didn't or couldn't for some reason?  And I'm not just talking some bullshit-ass Disqus comments (don't even try to tell me you bought a Lambo working from home, kid).  I mean proving to the entire world that you're a sneakerhead who knows his/her shit?

Sign up here for beta access to SNEAKERscholar's upcoming crowdsourced platform.  You'll be helping me iron out the kinks and build the basis for a site that will forever change the sneaker blogosphere.

I'm going to start with a small group of selected submissions, so please be thoughtful in your statement below.  I intend to make continual improvements and there will be rewards for helpful and insightful contributions, in addition to random giveaways, with point-based achievements to come.  Basically, I'll be paying you to add to the site with free sneakers and gear.

Hit me with the relevant info below and let's get crackin!