Jason Kidd Shoes: The Encyclopedic Guide

The most complete guide to Jason Kidd shoes ever compiled begins where it ends, in orange & blue. 

Kidd rises to national prominence with St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in his hometown of San Francisco.  His All-American 1992 senior season with the Pilots culminates in national Player of the Year awards.  Kidd wears an orange Nike Air Force Low in this photo combining the most elite high school stars during USA Today’s first 30 years.  His depiction alongside Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James puts Kidd's accomplished career into perspective.


No shoes pictured in this photo, but Kidd wears a Nike basketball camp tee shirt.  His braces and a pile of college catalogs illustrate the young star’s potential.  SNEAKERscholar reminds you to stay in school.


Jason Kidd selects University of California, Berkeley, choosing to stay close to home in the Bay Area over offers from powerhouse programs across the country.  In his 1992-93 freshman season at Cal, Kidd wears original Nike Air Maestro* (*not to be confused with the following year’s Air Maestro Flight).


The highlight of this first college season is a 11 point, 14 assist tally in an upset win over reigning back-to-back champion Duke Blue Devils in 1993 NCAA Tournament second round.  Kidd switches to white Air Maestro in contrast to navy blue Cal jerseys.  


Cal’s upset win is the story of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and Sports Illustrated puts Jason Kidd on the first of several covers, complete with those white Air Maestros.


Jason Kidd wears Nike Air Unlimited during 1993-94 sophomore season.  He becomes Cal’s first First Team All-American since 1968, but the Bears are upset in the first round of the 1994 NCAA Tournament.


This rare photo of Jason Kidd in his rookie year shows what seems to be the first shoe he wears in the NBA.  Kidd wears Nike Air Lambaste in 1994-95.  Air Lambaste is the first of several shoes he shares in common with Penny Hardaway.


Kidd plays in 1995 Rookie Challenge, wearing Nike Air Go LWP.  Air Go LWP is first example of Tensile Air cushioning, which will soon be renamed Zoom Air.  Air Go LWP is first of a few Nikes Jason Kidd shares in common with Tim Hardaway, another Penny Hardaway commonality.


Kidd’s 1994-95 Upper Deck Special Edition rookie card depicts him in Nike Air Up.  Air Up is less obvious without its signature contrasting panels.  This colorway appears to be the simpler white/black general release on a model known for Scottie Pippen and Penny Hardaway PEs.


Jason Kidd stays busy with some summer ball in Oakland.  Kidd wears 1994 Air Jordan 1 Retro amid a variety of notable 94-95 basketball shoes.  Note fellow Bay Area natives Gary Payton and Bryan Shaw among the crowd.


After winning the Rookie of the Year, Nike releases first Jason Kidd signature basketball shoe for 1995-96 season, Nike Air Zoom Flight.  Air Zoom Flight* (*today known as Zoom Flight 95) is first Nike shoe to use the renamed Zoom Air, first shoe with Zoom in its name.  This is another shoe Tim Hardaway also wears.


Kidd is selected to start 1996 NBA All-Star Game, wears original ‘Dallas Mavericks’ Zoom Flight 95.


Jason Kidd’s second Nike signature shoe releases for 1996-97 NBA season.  Nike Zoom Flight Five* (*later known as Zoom Uptempo V) is Kidd’s most enduring signature, one he will wear with Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets, during his second stint with Dallas Mavericks and final season with New York Knicks.


Despite commanding two Zoom cushioned signatures in his first three NBA seasons, Kidd is spotted in the early part of the 1996-97 season in Nike Air Flight 96, the takedown version of Penny Hardaway's better known Nike Zoom Flight 96 (*which was, in turn, the sequel to Kidd's Zoom Flight 95).  This PE colorway featuring his number '5' embroidered on the heels is one of the earliest 'player exclusive' retail releases.


Despite being among the league’s brightest young stars, Dallas trades Kidd to Phoenix Suns on December 26th, 1996.  The ‘Three Js’ never click, with Jamal Mashburn having missed most of the previous season due to injury and Jim Jackson's notoriously bad rapport with Kidd.


Jason Kidd leaves Reunion Arena's home locker room for the final time with his mother, carrying a pair of Zoom Flight Vs.


Black/Varsity Royal Zoom Flight 5 colorway is a close enough match to Phoenix Suns uniforms despite being made for Dallas Mavericks road games.


Later in the 1997 season, Kidd wears Nike Air Uptempo 3* (*now called Air Max Uptempo 97).  It is one of relatively few Max Air shoes Jason Kidd wears in his NBA career.


After a rocky season split between struggling teams in Dallas and Phoenix where he started only 45 games, the 1997-98 season brings another Zoom Air shoe with midsole medallions, albeit a step down from signature status.  Nike Air Zoom 1.0 Flight is designed in the spirit of the previous year’s Zoom Flight V and Air Hops Flight.  Zoom 1.0 Flight is another shoe shared in common with Tim Hardaway.


Jason Kidd leads Phoenix to a 16 win improvement in 97-98, but his signature shoes don’t have quite the same luster as that special 95-97 stretch.  Kidd’s wears Nike Air Afterburner Flight for lockout shortened 1999 NBA season, a shoe offering a more affordable take on Gary Payton’s Air Zoom GP.  Air Afterburner Flight is Kidd’s first and only Nike takedown model.  


Nike makes Kidd multiple Air Afterburner Flight player exclusives.  This version has his Suns number 32 embroidered on the tongues.


Another Jason Kidd Afterburner Flight PE uses ‘32’ embroidery above the Air bag instead.


The following season, Kidd ventures back toward signature territory.  He is the name most commonly associated with Nike Air Flight Determination.  This shoe he shares in common with Penny Hardaway is especially significant with them playing together in the Phoenix backcourt for the first of three seasons.


Jason Kidd is one of the elite NBA stars wearing Nike Air Flightposite during 1999-2000 NBA season.  Kidd’s Flightposite PEs include ‘32’ embroidery on velcro closure.


Another Jason Kidd Air Flightposite PE is black with orange outsole.


Kidd’s ‘Eggplant’ Flightposites are among the more memorable 2000 NBA All-Star Game shoes.


A new ‘colorway’ comes into existence in a photo shoot for 2000 USA Basketball team with Jason Kidd and Air Flightposite covered in gold paint.


Kidd wears a fairly obscure model in Nike Air Flight Persistence for this 2000 USA Basketball team photo.  We cannot find any evidence of him wearing these anywhere else, but this shoe is similar to Air Effectivity Max he will wear in 2001.


Jason Kidd helps Team USA win its third straight gold medal at 2000 Sydney Olympics in Nike Shox BB4 'USA' colorway.


Kidd continues wearing the first Nike Shox basketball shoe into the next season.  This black/silver Shox BB4 PE with orange trim includes ‘32’ and ‘JKIDD’ embroidery for Phoenix Suns road games.


Jason Kidd’s Shox BB4 PE collection also includes a white/purple Suns home colorway.  Kidd also wears this shoe for his fourth NBA All-Star Game.  A surprise considering the Western Conference was the road team in 2001’s game in DC, but it is an appropriate successor to the previous year’s Eggplant Flightposite.


2000-01 is to be Jason Kidd’s last season in Phoenix.  00-01 is also the first time his name is applied to a true signature shoe, Nike Air Zoom Kidd 2.  Air Zoom Kidd’s zipper construction follows in Flightposite’s footsteps, its detailed graphic shroud foreshadowing more intricate designs to follow a decade later.  It is one of three Nike MORF shoes with interchangeable shoe/skin combinations, including Zoom GP 3 and Air Pippen 5.


Space graphic upper on Kidd 2 is ahead of its time.  Zoom Kidd 2 predates 'Galaxy' and other popular 2010s prints by a full decade.


Thanks to MORF interchangeability, Kidd can switch to Nike Zoom GP 3 skin but keep the same basic feel from their shared Innerboot.  He wears Zoom GP 3 in first round of 2001 NBA Playoffs against Sacramento Kings.


Jason Kidd is traded for a second time days after the NBA Draft in June 2001.  He and Stephon Marbury are the principles in a trade that sends Kidd to the long struggling New Jersey Nets.  He revisits Nike Zoom Flight V with the first New Jersey Nets player exclusive colorway.


Early in his Nets days, Kidd also wears Nike Air Effectivity Max.  He leads the Nets to a 26 win improvement, best record in the Eastern Conference.


Jason Kidd also wears Nike Shox Stunner in 01-02.  The Nets defeat Los Angeles Lakers in a late regular season game, a feat they will be unable to replicate when they meet again in 2002 NBA Finals.


Nike Zoom Flight Turbine is a key basketball shoe for 2002-03.  Jason Kidd wears them early for New Jersey’s first NBA Finals appearance in June 2002.


After wearing three different Nikes in his first season with New Jersey, Jason Kidd settles on a single selection for his second in 2002-03.  Nike Zoom Flight 2K3 is Kidd’s most consistent choice since Zoom Flight 5 in 96-97.


Kidd wears black Zoom Flight 2K3s for road games, white/red for home games at Continental Airlines Arena.


Jason Kidd’s lone deviation from Zoom Flight 2K3 this season comes at 2003 NBA All-Star Game.  Like Kobe Bryant, who wears ‘True Blue’ Air Jordan 3, Kidd wears unshrouded ‘Midnight Navy’ Air Jordan 16 in tribute to Michael Jordan’s final All-Star appearance.


Kidd’s Zoom Flight 2K3s match the first and only throwback jerseys in NBA Finals history.


For 2003-04, Jason Kidd returns to zippered, Zoom cushioned Foamposite with Nike Air Ultraposite.


During this 03-04 season, Kidd moves from Nike Basketball to Jordan Brand.  His first Team Jordan shoe is yet another he shares in common with Payton, Jordan Jumpman Team Flow.


Along with the white/red home colorway with player exclusive embroidery, Jason Kidd wears Black/Chrome-Metallic Silver Team Flow for 2003-04 away games.


Jason Kidd debuts Air Jordan 19 at 2004 NBA All-Star Game.


Later in 03-04 season, Kidd wears Air Jordan 19 SE with player exclusive customizations.


Left knee injury prevents Jason Kidd from rejoining Team USA for 2004 Athens Olympics.  Like Ray Allen, who misses Athens Games for the birth of his child, Kidd never wears his Air Jordan 18.5 Olympic PE.  Carmelo Anthony is the only player to wear the Olympic Jordan 18.5s.


Kidd also skips a Jordan 19 SE exclusive that switches September 2004 ‘Olympic’ Jordan 19 SE gold outsole sections to red.


Most memorable Jason Kidd Jordan shoes are 2004-05 ‘Grey Toe’ Air Jordan 13s.  Grey Toe Jordan 13 releases January 2005, Kidd’s player exclusive adds ‘J KIDD’ tongue embroidery.


‘Grey Toe’ Jordan 13 is mostly white leather and red suede, but is named for grey leather toe that sets it apart from original 1998 ‘Bulls’ Jordan 13.


Kidd also wears a white and navy blue Jordan 13 PE in 04-05.  This colorway remains unreleased.


Jordan also gives Jason Kidd ‘French Blue’ Air Jordan 12 player exclusives with ‘J KIDD’ embroidered on the left, ‘5’ on the right.  French Blue Jordan 12s release January 2005, but we have yet to find photos of Kidd wearing these PEs.


Another Jordan exclusive we know exists but cannot confirm he ever wore is this ‘Charcoal’ Air Jordan 9.  This original Jordan 9 colorway and its retros are nubuck; Kidd’s PEs are leather/patent and add ‘5’ heel embroidery.  Inner tags dated May 2004 suggest these are also made for 2004-05 season.


There's also a Nets 'home' Air Jordan 9 PE.  White leather and red patent leather, it is unlike any other Jordan 9 colorway and we haven't yet found photos of Kidd wearing them.


Jason Kidd returns to Nike Basketball in 2005-06.  He returns to Zoom Flight Five once more, adding another unreleased PE colorway.


Kidd alternates between multiple colorways spread across two models for 2006-07 NBA season.  One is first model in Nike Zoom BB series.


When not wearing Zoom BB in 06-07, Jason Kidd chooses from a few Nike Air Zoom Brave 1.5 player exclusives.


At 2007 FIBA Americas Championships in Las Vegas, Jason Kidd wears Zoom BB in a Team USA PE colorway.


Jason Kidd readies for his fifteenth NBA season in 2007-08, which will be his last with New Jersey.  Kidd wears Nike Zoom Brave 2 starting in 2007 preseason.  Zoom Brave 2 is like 1.5 in its use of turf like traction pattern in the style of Zoom Flight 5.


Kidd wears another white Zoom Brave 2 home PEs, this one with navy blue trim.


Kidd also wears Zoom Flight 5 yet again in 07-08.


Jason Kidd is the lone 2008 NBA All-Star to wear a Zoom Brave 2 PE.


Two days after his ninth NBA All-Star Game appearance, Kidd is traded for the third time in his career.  He rejoins Dallas Mavericks and makes Zoom Brave 2 his shoe of choice for the rest of the season.


Air Flightposite 'Jason Kidd' in Dallas Mavericks colors releases July 2008 exclusively at House of Hoops.  Kidd Flightposite PE is his final Nike release for several years, drops less than one month before he leaves for another brand.


Jason Kidd and USA Basketball ‘Redeem Team’ win gold at 2008 Beijing Olympics.  He wears Zoom Brave 2 in Team USA colorways during Beijing Games.  Kidd finishes his international playing career with two Olympic gold medals and a flawless 56-0 record.


It’s unclear if the deal initiates while he is in China with Team USA, but soon after the Olympics, Jason Kidd announces he will sign with Chinese footwear brand Peak.


Jason Kidd’s first Peak shoe appears in 2008 preseason game.  Let’s call it Peak Kidd 0.  It never releases in America.  TV commercial suggests it releases in China, but unlike Peak Kidds 1-4, we cannot find any mention of these for sale online.


The real first Jason Kidd Peak shoe is his footwear choice for 2008-09.  Peak Kidd 1 has a graphic flourish that predates the 2010s pattern craze.


Jason Kidd’s Peak signature shoe line releases its sequel for 2009-10 season.  Peak Kidd 2 reveals medial ventilation pattern similar to contemporaries Nike Zoom Hyperfuse and adidas adiZero Crazy Light.


Jason Kidd makes his tenth and final NBA All-Star appearance in 2010.  He wears a Peak Kidd 2 colorway in Western Conference red with gold trim.


An alternate version of Peak Kidd 2 shows up around start of 2010 NBA Playoffs.  It breaks lateral panel into two pieces.  It is unclear which version(s) release in China, again, no US release.


Another 2010 China exclusive release targets a skateboarding/casual audience.  This casual Peak Kidd 2 lowtop releases alongside a Battier counterpart.  While maybe not the most collectible, this is probably the most obscure Jason Kidd shoe ever released.

Peak Kidd 3 makes its first appearance alongside the Kidd 2 at a summer 2010 media event.


2010-11 NBA season begins with special ‘Zeus’ Peak Kidd 3 colorway for Halloween.


Peak Kidd 3 commercial airs regularly during 10-11 NBA broadcasts in China.


Jason Kidd continues to wear simple Dallas Mavericks Peak Kidd 3 colorways during regular season.


In March 2011, Jason returns to Peak Kidd 2.


Dallas starts 2011 NBA Playoffs against Portland Trailblazers.  Jason Kidd surprises by wearing not a Kidd 3 playoff PE, but continuing to appear in Peak Kidd 2.


Appearing in his third NBA Finals, Jason returns to Peak Kidd 3.  The game worn Kidd 3 from Game 6 sells on eBay in June 2011 for $8200.


Peak Kidd 4 is unveiled October 2011, to be Jason’s 2011-12 shoe.


Jason Kidd again surprises at NBA Media Day 2011, not by wearing an earlier Peak shoe, but by appearing in a previously unseen Nike Zoom Uptempo 5 Dallas Mavericks PE colorway.


Kidd wears this mostly white Zoom Uptempo V colorway for 11-12 Dallas home games.


New York Times remarks on decline in triple-doubles during 2011-12 season.  Kidd is at this point the NBA’s active career leader by a factor of three over second place LeBron James.  Fittingly, he appears in another white/blue Zoom Flight V PE.


Kidd also revisits Zoom Brave series in 2012.  He wears two different white Nike Zoom Brave 5 player exclusives into the playoffs.  Note this pair with blue tongue, Swoosh and outsole.


This 2012 Zoom Brave 5 PE switches royal and navy: navy tongue, Swoosh and outsole.  Jason Kidd wears the second of these Zoom Brave 5s during 2012 NBA Playoffs opening round series against Oklahoma City Thunder.  It will be the final shoe he wears with Dallas Mavericks.


Jason Kidd signs with New York Knicks July 2012.  One month later, Zoom Flight Five iD releases on NIKEiD.  Zoom Flight V iD has options for many colors, materials including patent and basketball leathers, and medial heel embroidery including Kanji characters for the Japanese market where Zoom Flight 5 is a cult favorite.  Kidd's logo and shoe's original name return after years of Zoom Uptempo V with 'ZOOM' branding.


Kidd himself wears a new Zoom Flight 5 in white/orange to start his stay in New York.


Possibly sensing his nineteenth NBA season could be the last hurrah, Nike Sportswear issues ‘Jason Kidd Career Pack.’  Four Air Zoom Flight 95 colorways celebrate his time with Cal Bears, Dallas Mavericks*, Phoenix Suns and New Jersey Nets, with his number for each respective team on the tongue (*Mavericks colorway uses ‘2’ from NBA Championship years instead of ‘5’ from his first two-plus seasons with Dallas).


Jason Kidd wears Nike Lunar Hypergamer Low PEs more than all other shoes combined in 2012-13.


Kidd is one of a few NBA stars who wears a Lunar Hypergamer Christmas Day PE.


With his Knicks headed for the NBA Playoffs, Jason Kidd switches between LunarLon and the more familiar Zoom.  Kidd’s Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2012 Low PEs appear in a number of New York colorways, each with his signature logo on the tongue.


Kidd continues to alternate between LunarLon and Zoom cushions in the playoffs.  Here he is in a white Hyperfuse 2012 Low PE.


The Knicks are eliminated in the Eastern Conference second round and the last shoe Jason Kidd wears in the NBA is a black Lunar Hypergamer Low PE with orange/blue sole. 


The now Brooklyn Nets sign Jason Kidd as their 18th head coach in the middle of the 2013 NBA Finals.  His jersey is retired by the team during an October 17th, 2013* preseason game.  Keep an eye out for a Zoom Flight V dress shoe on the sidelines at Barclays Center. (*same day this article originally publishes)