Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground

Reebok Blacktop Battleground streetball shoe debuts summer 1993.

Originally named Reebok Pump Plateau, this Reebok Blacktop shoe could also be considered the Reebok Pump Battleground 3 after 1991 original and 1992 Blacktop Battleground 2.

First retros in 2014 change name to simply Reebok Battleground, with no historical context or mention of the other first hightop sold under this name in 1991-92.  Reebok Classics may have felt that 'Plateau' has a negative connotation given their efforts to revitalize the brand.  Sneaker blogs also call it Reebok Pump Battleground 2 when first retros initially appear at Project 2013 in Las Vegas.  Box labels on May 2014 pairs settle on the name 'Blacktop Battleground'.

Original 1991 Reebok Pump Battleground already retroed in 2004 with a limited restock in 2009.  It is named for a legendary Harlem outdoor court.  To apply that name to a totally different shoe that took its first name from an entirely different place eliminates the OG's regional appeal.  But it also reflects that 'Battleground' is probably a better name for a streetball shoe than 'Plateau'.

This first retro in 2014 is joined by a model named Reebok Blacktop Boulevard and that name also has a confusing back story.


Packs Including Reebok Pump Blacktop Battlegrounds