Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway is a retired professional basketball player, a veteran of fourteen NBA seasons.

Hardaway plays his college ball at University of Texas at El Paso.  His 'UTEP two-step' crossover dribble (often called 'killer crossover' in his pro days) emerges as a devistating maneuver.

Golden State Warriors draft Tim Hardaway fourteenth overall in 1989 NBA Draft.  He plays his first five seasons with the Warriors before they trade him to Miami Heat in 1996.  Hardaway revives his All-Star status in Miami, including his lone All-NBA First Team selection in 1997.

Tim Hardaway wears Nike basketball shoes through his entire NBA career.  Highlights include the first ever Zoom Air shoe in Nike Air Go LWP, the controversial Air Bakin', his sole 'true' signature in Air Zoom T-Bug Flight and recurring roles in the 'Fun Police' ads.

Tim Hardaway Shoes (Signatures)