Timberland is a US based company known for its footwear and other outdoor merchandise.

Timberland LLC's story begins in 1952 when shoemaker Nathan Swartz buys half of The Abington Shoe Company.  Swartz purchases the company's remaining interest in 1955 and brings his sons on board.

Swartz introduces innovative injection molding technology to the footwear industry in 1960.  This technique allows for the production of waterproof boots that become the brand's signature product.

In 1973, the 'Timberland' line of waterproof leather boots sells so well that the brand official changes its name to The Timberland Company.

Timberland celebrates the 40th anniversary of this pioneering release in 2013 with 1973 pairs of the original 6", 1979's '40 Below' Super Boot and 1994's World Hiker boots.